Herman Braeckmans

Herman Braeckmans boasts many years of practical experience as a lawyer specialising in company law. His expertise covers the whole scope of company law in the broadest sense, including conflicts in companies, director's liability; liability of supervisory directors (auditors) and of accountants; advice upon forming a company. In addition, Herman Braeckmans drafts shareholders' agreements and provides assistance to clients on the occasion of mergers and acquisitions.

Since 1977, Herman Braeckmans has been attached to the Faculty of Law of Universiteit Antwerpen (Antwerp University). In 1983, he earned a Ph.D. in law with greatest honours. As a professor (full professor), Herman Braeckmans teaches Company, Commercial, Economic and Financial Law in the third Bachelor year and in the Master's training. Herman Braeckmans is also the main coordinator of the specialised Master after Master in Business Law of Universiteit Antwerpen (Master in Business Law). In this programme, which is aimed at lawyers with practical experience, he teaches. Additionally, he teaches company law classes at the Antwerp Management School.

Within the 'Instituut van de Bedrijfsrevisoren (IBR)' (institute of auditors), Herman Braeckmans is a member of the Legal Committee, the chairman of the examination board, and a director of the 'Informatiecentrum voor het Bedrijfsrevisoraat' (ICCI) (company audit information centre). He is also a member of the board of directors of the 'Belgisch Centrum voor Vennootschapsrecht' (Belgian Centre for Company Law) and a member of the steering group to recodify the company code. In addition, he is a member of the 'Commissie Vennootschapsrecht van de Koninklijke Federatie van het Belgisch Notariaat' (KFBN) (Commission of Company Law of the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaryship), and has authored numerous magazine articles, books and reports on company law. An influential publication - Handboek Vennootschapsrecht (Manual of Company Law), Intersentia, 2012, 924 p. - which is the first Dutch-language publication to completely cover the scope of company law.

“I attach great importance to the cross-pollination between my academic work in corporate law and practicing at the bar.”
Herman Braeckmans


  • Master’s degree in Law
    Universiteit Antwerpen (Antwerp University), 1975
  • Diplôme de Droit Comparé
    Sorbonne (Université de Paris II)(Paris II University), 1977
  • Diploma Banking and Finance
    London Business School, 1978
  • Ph.D. in Law, greatest honours
    Universiteit Antwerpen (Antwerp University), 1983


Member of the Antwerp Bar

Member of the judicial commission of the Institut des Réviseurs d'entreprises (IBR-IRE)

President of the examination committe of the Institut des Réviseurs d'entreprises (IBR-IRE)

Vice-President of the Stichting Informatiecentrum van het Bedrijfsrevisoraat (ICCI)

Member of the chief-editor at f APR (Algemene Praktische Rechtsverzameling)

Member of the chief-editor at Artikelsgewijze Commentaar Vennootschapsrecht (Kluwer)

Member of the chief-editor of NV in de praktijk (Kluwer)

Member of the chief-editor of BV in de praktijk (Kluwer)

Member of Commissie Vennootschapsrecht van de Koninklijke Federatie voor Notarissen

Chairman of the Belgisch Centrum voor Vennootschapsrecht

Member of the scientific committee at  TRV/RPS

Member of the scientific committee at TBH


H. Braeckmans en R. Houben, Handboek vennootschapsrecht, Antwerpen, Intersentia, 2020, 975 p.

H. Braeckmans en R. Houben, Het nieuwe Wetboek van vennootschappen en verenigingen: Frisse wind of storm op zee, Antwerpen, Intersentia, 2019, 76 p.

Liber amicorum Herman Braeckmans, In het vennootschapsbelang, Antwerpen, Intersentia, 2017, 587 p.

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