Braeckmans Lawyers is a niche law firm that primarily handles cases falling under company and business law. The team of lawyers have extensive experience in the broad field of company law, including with respect to conflicts in companies, and have developed great expertise in handling disputes within companies.

The role of Braeckmans Lawyers is not limited to legal proceedings: the firm also deals with preventive measures to avoid company conflicts. Thanks to their extensive experience arguing cases, the lawyers with Braeckmans Lawyers, when negotiating and drafting contracts (shareholders' agreements, amongst others), can anticipate conflicts and protect the client from disputes and arbitrations.

The law firm also has extensive expertise in business acquisitions (purchase/sale of shares, purchase/sale of assets).

Thanks to its small size, Braeckmans Lawyers can guarantee each client a personal approach and an optimum relationship based on trust. The lawyers handling your case study it in great detail and from all possible angles. They do so from the client's viewpoint, with whom they personally confer.

Braeckmans Lawyers combines many years of practical experience with a solid academic foundation. Each case is tested against Belgian law and, if necessary, against foreign law as well. The knowledge of those rules of law is continuously expanded, broadened and updated.

Its independent position is another major strength of Braeckmans Lawyers. Since the firm does not handle cases from remote fields of practice, such as social security law or family law, the risk of conflicts of interests is virtually non-existent.

Braeckmans Lawyers acts on behalf of individuals, companies, non-profit associations and foundations as well as their directors, shareholders and supervisory directors. In liability cases, the firm also defends practitioners of liberal professions, such as notaries, auditors and accountants. In addition, Braeckmans Lawyers is often consulted by colleague lawyers for well-founded advice on specific legal issues pertaining to companies. The firm frequently acts as second counsel, providing assistance to the company's in-house legal counsel from a company law angle.


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